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Extended Skipper Third-Party Liability Insurance

Extended third-party liability insurance for privately acting skippers

As the skipper of a foreign yacht, the crew and the owner of the yacht place their utmost trust in you. Your competence and sense of responsibility are prerequisites for your job.

The extended skipper’s liability insurance covers as your contractual partner the claims raised against you and defends against unjustified claims.

The extended third-party liability does not cover e.g. the deposit (see deposit insurance); damage caused intentionally or suffered by oneself or close relatives; fines and penalties. 

The sum insured amounts to 3.000.000,00 EUR or 6.000.000,00 EUR for personal injuries and material damages. Total indemnification for all insurance claims within one year equals twice the sum insured. In every case the yacht’s liability and full cover insurance obliged to liable for advance payment, therefore the skippers liability provides subsidiary.

Included is:

a)    Damage to the chartered yacht in case of proven gross negligence up to 550.000,- EUR (In case of damage a deduction of 2.500,00 EUR is agreed)
b)    Liability claims of the entire crew among themselves up to 2.000.000,- EUR (In case of property damage, if the loss occurrence is higher than 150,- EUR).
c)    Security deposit in case of confiscation in a foreign harbour up to 50.000,- EUR
d)    Claims of the yacht owner concerning charter failure due to major damage to the yacht at your fault up to 20.000,- EUR (The bear of the costs for the first three days of the charter contingency takes the insurance holder on a pro-rata basis).

The extended third party insurance holds duration of one year which is automatically extended on request.

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Please select the type of yacht which you want to insure:

coverage 3.000.000,00 EUR 6.000.000,00 EUR
sailing yacht max 10m 65.00€ 77.00€
sailing yacht of more than 10m 90.00€ 110.00€
motor and sailling yacht max 10m 72.00€ 88.00€
motor and sailling yacht over 10m 115.00€ 130.00€

Please enter subsequent the person to be insured with date of birth.

First name:
Last name:
date of birth:
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zip code / town:
I would like an annually renewal.
insurance start: 12 o'clock
insurance end: 01.07.2022 12 o'clock
Please select the type of the yacht and enter the skipper who is to be insured.

Provided that you do not want to have annually renewal, please remove this selection.

Please enter only the required insurance beginning. The insurance starts at 12:00 o’clock AM of the stated date and ends after one year as well at 12:00 o’clock AM.
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